x265enc pipeline on GStreamer 1.14.5

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x265enc pipeline on GStreamer 1.14.5

Hello! I am trying to build a pipeline for an android application/streaming
service. The plan is that it is going to use x265enc as the encoder on the
server and I have issues with constructing the pipeline for it. The pipeline
currently looks like this:

appsrc ! videoconvert ! x265enc ! mpegtsmux ! filesink !

appsrc has the settings: stream-type=0, is-live=true, do-timestamp=true,
format=GST_FORMAT_TIME, caps: video/x-raw, format=RGB, width=640,
height=420, framerate=30.

x265enc has settings: speed-preset=1, bitrate=2000, tune=4

It does work perfectly encoding with H264 but I have issues when trying to
implement H265.

With these settings I don't get any data at all in the saved file. When I
try with I420 as the format I do get a video but it is heavily
distorted/green lines and is zoomed in.

We have tried running this pipeline in the terminal with the videotestsrc as
the source instead of appsrc. If we do that it works so we figure that the
issue has something to do with the appsrc.

Any help is much appreciated!

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