v4l2src stalling with corrupted buffer

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v4l2src stalling with corrupted buffer

Andrew Silby

Hi All,

I take 2 v4l2src sources from webcam and one from a screen grabber and mix these together with compositor. I intermittently get about 40 “Dropping corrupted buffer without payload” warnings and then the screen grabber stops producing any more frames. The pipeline continues producing a stream with the webcams but after this event, nothing from the screen grabber. I can’t see any messages on the pipeline that I can trap to restart the screen grabber.


When I set GST_DEBUG=3 I see these warnings:


0:03:16.522005534  2643      0x186fcf0 WARN          v4l2bufferpool gstv4l2bufferpool.c:1974:gst_v4l2_buffer_pool_process:<v4l2src:pool:src> Dropping corrupted buffer without payload


I’m hoping that there is a way that I can trap this and restart the feed from the grabber.


Thanks very much for your help.



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