synchronizing multiple rtsp servers to same clock

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synchronizing multiple rtsp servers to same clock

I have a client GStreamer pipeline that pulls from multiple rtsp servers (IP
camera feeds) over a local network.  I would like these cameras/feeds to be
as close to synced as possible (within 1-2 frames would be good).  I've
looked at the net clock example in the gst-rtsp-server repository which is
an example of syncing different clients to the single rtsp server's feed

My question is somewhat in the other direction, how do I sync the
rtsp-server's feeds?  Can I use one of their clocks as the "master" and have
the other rtsp servers use that clock as in the client(s)/server example?
Would I also need to change the clock to that "master" clock on the client
pipeline?  And lastly would RTCP fit into this in any way?

Appreciate the help, just trying to get a clearer picture.

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