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stream rtp audio to vlc

Zoltan Kerenyi Nagy
Hi All,

I'd like to stream my laptop's analog audio input to my iPhone's VLC on the same lan:

gst-launch-1.0 -v alsasrc ! "audio/x-raw,width=32,depth=32,rate=48000,channels=2" ! audioconvert ! voaacenc bitrate=320000 ! udpsink host= port=4444 sync=false
However when I try to open the stream with VLC, no sound is comming.
I tested this on another laptop with VLC as well, without success.

I was experimenting with these:
vlc -vvv udp://localhost:4444
vlc -vvv rtsp://localhost:4444
vlc -vvv rtp://localhost:4444

Could you help me please. I succesfully did the streaming with ffmpeg, but it was so CPU intense, so I thought I would give it a try with Gstreamer.



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