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strange problem .. ne one having ne idea

karmendra jain
Hi All
supose i have this pipeline

gst-launch mydemux  location = <my3gp file > demux.video_src ! video_dec ! xvimagesink demux.audio_src ! audio_dec ! alsasink

where mydemux acts as a source as well and has sometime pads (for audio and video src)

now if the audio part of data is corrupt (or video ) then the other pipeline whould play properly right ??
but in this case it simply hangs ..

i tried checkin using gdb ..
the problem is that while doing a pad push of proper pipeline .. even that fails .. (GST_FLOW_ERROR)
but i have checked for sure that linking has been done properly for video
and for audio since the data is corrupt the linking has filed and i am not starting the audio push ..

I know this is very vague .. but still can anyone point out ne mistake in the idea in general ??

Or is there something in gstreamer where in we cannot play the complete pipeline even if one component is improper ???
(but in that case .. how and where shld i give the error ?? and Y does the pad push of proper pipeline fails ???)

Ne one ???

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