rtpbin, vaapisink sync=true and 2 seconds of delay

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rtpbin, vaapisink sync=true and 2 seconds of delay

Matteo Valdina
I have a video pipeline that is something like:

                                videotestsrc -------
udpsrc -> rtpbin -> vaapih264dec -> input-selector -> vaapi sink

My pipeline when start receiving the stream in the udpsrc will switch input from the videotestsrc to the vaapih264dec.

The problem that I experienced is about a remarkable delay on the rendering time. This delay is present when vaapisink sync=true but it is not present when is sync=false.

From my understanding that issue is related to the TS and the vaapi sink.

Could you provide any suggestion how to diagnostic this issue?
When I switch from one input to another one I need to send a re-configuration event? A new Segment event? Or something else?


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