rebuild GStreamer 1.14.4 with cerbero, faad ffmpeg

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rebuild GStreamer 1.14.4 with cerbero, faad ffmpeg

the latest GStreamer v 1.14.4 is use in the app, I got error:
Non -public API usage
non-public symbols: _getcontext, _makecontext, _setcontext.
this error comes from openssl, no-async should be add for openssl
I try to rebuild gstreamer, with Mac OS Xcode 10 sdk 12 :
1) git clone git://
2) ./cerbero-uninstalled bootstrap
3) ./cerbero-uninstalled package gstreamer-1.0
GStreamer is built successful, but  I got ffmpeg error, so I should
use ffmpeg 3.x instead of  ffmpeg 4.x for gst-libav module in 1.14, I
modified recipe ffmpeg, I used the command buildone,  cerbero can't build
that ffmpeg version.
I also got faad error, actually  faad recipe can't be found in the cerbero
for gstreamer
I also use cerbero release 1.14.3  to  build, but I got sdk can't be found
error, sdk12 is used for xcode10
cerbero release 1.14.3 has faad recipe but not ffmpeg recipe.

my question is which one should I use, cerbero release 1.14.3 or cerbero for
gstreamer1.15.0.1 to build gstream 1.14.4 ?
and how to build plugin ffmpeg and faad ?

Thanks a lot

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