re-streaming an RTSP stream

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re-streaming an RTSP stream

Carbajal, Guillermo


We are using the following pipeline to re-stream a video from an IP camera


rtspsrc location="rtsp://cameraIP:554/H.264/media.smp" ! rtph264depay ! rtph264pay name=pay0 pt=96


The new stream looks good but occasionally we can see some artefacts. In particular, we can see:


* some frames are broken

* some frames are disordered


In addition, when reproducing the new streaming with ffplay, we see messages like the following in the console:


[h264 @ 05cd2b40] error while decoding MB 90 64, bytestream -21

[h264 @ 05cd2b40] concealing 439 DC, 439 AC, 439 MV errors in I frame


Is there any parameter we can add or modify in order to improve the quality? Latency is not as important as the video quality for our application. We really appreciate any help.




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