"Internal data stream error" when calculating album replaygain for vorbis files

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"Internal data stream error" when calculating album replaygain for vorbis files

Heinz Wiesinger
Hi everyone,

I encountered a bug in beets (http://beets.io/) when calculating album
replaygain information for ogg vorbis files (using the python API). The
detailed bug report for beets can be found here: https://github.com/beetbox/

In short, replaygain calculation will abort with an "Internal data stream
error" on the the second track of the album. Debugging shows

oggdemux gstoggdemux.c:1303:gst_ogg_pad_stream_out:<oggdemux1> could not
submit packet for stream 250b52df, error: -5

indicating the pipeline is blocked somehow.

I came up with a fix for the issue, errors disappeared and replaygain
calculation succeeds, but I don't know enough about gstreamer's API to really
know if what I did is the correct fix for this issue. My fix can be found
here: https://github.com/beetbox/beets/pull/2644/commits/

I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look and verify that this
is the correct fix or if not point me in the right direction of what needs
fixing. Thanks in advance!

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