problems about linking gst-rtsp-server dynamiclly

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problems about linking gst-rtsp-server dynamiclly

I got a problem when using gst-rtsp-server. The goal of my application is to dynamiclly add/remove elements/pipelines after tee. The pipeline can be simplified like this:

rtpsrc->rphh264depay->h264parse->tee ->...

The method to add and remove element is according to the code on github.(

When I link fakesink, filesink and autovideosink dynamiclly with tee, they work fine together all.
But when linking gst-rtsp-server, something went wrong.

the pipeline is like this:

[               my pipeline                ]                      [    gst-rtsp-server pipeline...   ]

If there's no stream playing in my pipeline, it's ok when I view with vlc.
However, if I firstly link [queue->avdec_h264->autovideosink] to the tee and the autovideosink shows the media well. Then I dynamiclly link the rtsp-server with tee like the pipeline shown above and view it with vlc. The stream data is blocked and I have to wait about 10-30s when I see the stream in vlc. And then, the latency of stream shown in vlc may be 10s or more, and the media in autovideosink is stopped. After I
closed vlc, the autovideosink plays normally again.

I don't know where the problem is. Do you have any idea with it?
I use gstreamer 1.13.91.


Junjie Yuan
Shanghai, China.
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