playbin audio-sink problem.

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playbin audio-sink problem.

Sujith reddy
Hi All,

My objective is to play a song through alsa-card when bluetooth is not
connected and when Bluetooth is connected it is route through bluetooth

Here i am using pulse-sink element in playbin
g_object_set (GST_OBJECT (playbin), "audio-sink", pulse_sink , NULL);

when* Bluetooth connected*
g_object_set(GST_OBJECT (pulse_sink), "device",BLUTOOTH_CARD, NULL);

when *no Bluetooth connected *
g_object_set(GST_OBJECT (pulse_sink), "device",ALSA_CARD, NULL);

the above conditions are working fine.

Now the problem is when i was playing a song it is taking 5 sec to play.when
i deactivate pulse-sink in playbin it is taking 2 sec to play.

we found that when Gstpulsesink clock is used it is taking 5 sec.when using
Gstalsasink it is taking 2 sec to play.

what i wanted to know because of this clocks we are getting latence delay 5
seconds or what?

The main objective is to reduce delay when using pulsesink.


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