playback using hlsdemux with klv metadata

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playback using hlsdemux with klv metadata


I'm attempting playback from a m3u8 file using hlsdemux. In one scenario,
the file points to several segment files produced by multifilesink, each an
approximately 10-second TS file containing only a H264 video stream. When I
do not include KLV in these files, the playback is fine, and seeking is
normal (pausing, playing, skipping forward/backward 15 seconds all behave

In a separate scenario, I mux KLV gap buffers with the incoming H264 video
to produce the segment files, in order to give the appearance that the TS
files contain a KLV stream. No actual KLV data is present in these files. In
fact, nothing is different between the files in both scenarios except for
minor differences in timestamps and the presence of a KLV stream in the PMT
of the TS files in the latter scenario. When I then try to link both the
video and KLV streams exposed through hlsdemux in playback, the behavior
becomes strange. The playback will unexpectedly pause at certain points, and
often, trying to start playing the video again will only move the video
forward one frame at a time. After several frames of pausing and replaying,
the video will play normally again. Furthermore, the seeking behavior is
off; trying to seek forward 15 seconds results in a jump of approximately 18
seconds, and seeking backwards results in a jump of approximately 12
seconds.  Any information or advice on diagnosing this issue would be
greatly appreciated.

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