pad is flushing?

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pad is flushing?

       ------ rtph264depay --- h264parse ---- vtee ----- src_2
       ------ rtpmp4gdepay --- aacparse ----- atee ----- src_2

vtee ---- queue ----
                   avimux1 ----- appsink1
atee ---- queue ----

vtee ------ queue ----
                       avimux2 ----- appsink2
atee ------ queue ----

I have the following pipeline that use in c++ that I switch between each
branch on the tees. I will eos on one branch and start recording on the

*Stop Branch*
Block teePads,Eos through queues,unlink queues from tee, null each
element,unblock the tee,release pads
Start Branch*
request pads on tees,link pads to queues, play each element

for some reason when I go to start the branch after it was null last time I
stopped it, the last flow return was flushing. why would that be? It doesn't
happen every time I go to start a new one it just happens to occur the one
time. The branch doesn't start correctly so I have to stop it. If i try to
stop it it can't block the tee that is flushing. What would be the reason?
any ideas?

Gstreamer 1.12.4
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