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Jerry Geis-2
I am using this pipeline to convert MOV to hlssink

gst-launch-1.0 -v -e mpegtsmux name=m '!' queue '!' hlssink playlist-root= location=/home/silentm/public_html/hlssink/hlssink.video.0.%05d.ts target-duration=10 max-files=0 playlist-length=0 playlist-location=/home/silentm/public_html/hlssink/playlist.video.0.m3u8 filesrc 'location="/home/silentm/trailer_videos/video.mov"' '!' qtdemux name=d '!' h264parse '!' queue '!' m. d. '!' aacparse '!' queue '!' m.

It works fine.

I also need to change OGG to hlssink
I cannot get a correct pipeline for that.

What do I change to get that to function? Obviously video.mov is video.ogg



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