need help with continuos play of the m3u8 playlist

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need help with continuos play of the m3u8 playlist

I discovered that one of the live streams that worked for me for a while started to behave badly and I wonder if anybody can help me with resolving the issue.

Here's the link below:

This is just one of those free to watch news streams.

I use just the trivial pipeline like the one below:
gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri= ""

this will start playback for several seconds and then quit with an error.
The reason for the error is that every several seconds the playlist is switching internal file automatically. I believe there's a small gap in between which causes the pipeline to quit with an error.

If I play this stream using vlc or ffmpeg tools I have no problem with the playback.
Could you please help me to resolve the problem.


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