multimedia streaming player... send image(png) issue

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multimedia streaming player... send image(png) issue

hi. everyone.
My gstreamer knowledge is so young..sorry.

i want to make 'multimedia streaming'

but my problem is my sender is send to client video -> video -> video ->
image(png) -> video -> ...
my client show video is well. but image is not show anything.

so i had got a test used gst-launch-1.0

my source code like this

if this file is video? -> make video pipeline and playing , if this file is
image? -> make image pipeline and playing.

so my client pipeline is not fixed anything. he must have any data to play.

sender : image file pipeline

gst-launch-1.0 -v filesrc location=<PNGFILE.png> num-buffers=100 ! pngdec !
videoconvert ! x264enc ! rtph264pay ! udpsink host=<IP> auto-multicast=true

client : client must have only this pipeline.

gst-launch-1.0 -v udpsrc multicast-group=<IP> auto-multicast=true port=5000
! rtpjitterbuffer latency=500 ! rtph264depay ! h264parse ! imxvpudec !
imxipuvideosink framebuffer=/dev/fb0,use-vsync=true

my client show video very well. but image file(PNG) is not display. but next
file(VIDEO) is playing..

i think my sender is something wrong about send a image file.

i cant see any problem of my sender.

i had this problem very long time.... help me someone?

thanks for reading.

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