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mpehtsmux 1.18.2 Usage

I'm excited the CBR and PCR timestamping has been fixed and available in the
later release of mpegtsmux in 1.18.2.  bad plugin's :-)

Great work guys,

As such, I'm wanting to mux  2 x mpeg TS (mpeg2 Video and mp2 Audio ) and
one h.264 ( h.264 Vid and acc Audio ) TS into one single CBR multiplex
adding the AV PIDS, PMT, NIT all the relevant TS DVB SI Information to make
the TS as much as DVB compliant as possible.
Not sure if mpegtsmux is there yet?

For the life of me, I can't seem to find any information on how to do it
using gst-python. I'm lead to believe in python, you need to setup a
structure and add to sink pads. I've seen a couple C examples however can't
seem to put that into python equivalent.

Has anyone put together SI adding in python and using the new 1.18.2 version
could assist in what I want to do?

A link to relevant example or a snippet of their code would be super



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