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mp4 video length and fragment-duration

Lambert Veerman



I have a problem understanding the mp4mux in combination with the fragment-duration option.


I have a recorder application, recording live streams to mkv files, starting a new file every hour. For a test this must be changed to mp4. There is a constraint that we want provide streaming access to an open recording, a file not yet finished.


When I take the following pipeline and change the filesrc every hour (sending the h264parse, mp4mux, filesink an eos and changing the location property):


Rtscpsrc- rtphh264depay  - h264parse - mp4mux – filesink


Everything works fine. Also tested using the existing splitmuxsink, same behaviour.


However when I set the fragment-duration option in the mp4mux (to support streaming), my file duration/length meta-data is incorrect. I tried both my existing setup and the splitmuxsink, but the problem is that that file length is set to the stream running time. An example:


Fileof1minute_1.mp4 -> video length is 1 minute

Fileof1minute_2.mp4 -> video length is 2 minutes (the actual video is 1 minute long, however the timeline incorrect)

Fileof1minute_3.mp4 -> video length is 3 minutes (the actual video is 1 minute long, however the timeline incorrect)


As a hack/workaround I can flush the whole pipeline, either by setting the state of the pipeline to ready, or by sending a flush start, flush stop event.


My question is, am I doing something wrong, what is happening here and is there an elegant fix?


Met vriendelijke groet, Sincerely,

Lambert Veerman

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