how to stream multichannel PCM audio, channel count > 2 ???

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how to stream multichannel PCM audio, channel count > 2 ???

Charlie Laub

I have been using gstreamer to stream PCM stereo audio over UDP, payloaded as 16 or 24 bit RTP packets (rtpL16pay, rtpL24pay). I recently embarked on an effort to expand my testing to multichannel audio, but have run into a problem.


It seems that rtpL16pay and rtpL24pay cannot payload more than 2 channels of audio. If I feed more than 2 channel audio into these payloaders, they give a warning and then try to send 2 channel audio, which is garbage on the receiving end.


My goal is to be able to stream an arbitrary (but modest) number of uncompressed audio channels over a local area network. How can I do that with gstreamer?


One possibility I discovered uses the element rtpmux. Since all my audio streams will be at the same rate, I could mux separate 2-channel rtp streams together using rtpmux. This seems like a bit of a kludge… but perhaps that is the only way??? Has anyone tried that?


If there is a better or known way to send multichannel audio over RTP under gstreamer (gst-launch only please) I would be very interested in some tips about it.




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