how to change framerate on fly

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how to change framerate on fly

I use this pipeline:

multifilesrc location=images/"%05d.png" caps="image/png,framerate=1/2"
loop=true ! pngdec ! "video/x-raw, format=(string)RGB" ! videoconvert !
videoscale ! "video/x-raw, format=(string)RGBA, width=(int)640,
height=(int)480"  !  nveglglessink force-aspect-ratio=false

I want to change framerate on fly. I set multifilesrc to paused, then set
the caps property of multifilesrc, at last set multifilesrc to playing. But
the framerate is not change.

the python code of set property is shown as:

capstring = "image/png, framerate=(fraction)1/%d" % 1
caps = Gst.Caps.from_string(capstring)

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