h264parse ignores my P-frames

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h264parse ignores my P-frames

Hi all. I´m having trouble with a raw H264 videostream coming from a Sonix H264 ASIC. I can save the raw video to .h264 fine (see attachment), but h264parse seems to only detect the I-frames. If I set the GOP=1, the video plays fine (but not optimal to have GOP=1). If I set GOP to 25, then I get 1fps playback and GOP=5 ca 5fps playback.

From what I understand this is the behaviour I should expect from the h264parser in my case:
Raw stream and no SEI
Incoming buffer does not have any timestamp
Assume framerate=25 and set DTS_START=0, and keep incrementing DTS. Based
on picture type and reference frame derive the PTS

Is there a bug in the h264parser or is it something wrong with my encoder?
Please have a look at my attached sample (4Mbps, 1080p, GOP=25, fps=25)

Raw h264 file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/92i6euzmck31200/gop25_fps25_br4.h264?dl=0