gtksink problem on Fedora

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gtksink problem on Fedora

Russel Winder
Given the problem of using GL with a playbin/gtkglsink, I added an option so
as to force using playbin/gtksink. This seems to work on Debian Sid. However
on the same computer but running Fedaora Rawhide, there is no video, just
the audio. Plus:

0:00:14.970702609  3944 0x7f8fab7d34a0 WARN                  dvbsrc gstdvbsrc.c:2226:gst_dvbsrc_output_frontend_stats:<dvbsrc0> There were errors getting frontend status information: 'Unknown error 524'

Gets reported a lot, only on Fedora Rawhide with no video; on Debian Sid no
error report and  video plays. Sound plays in both cases.

As this is in the same computer and the same version of GStreamer and
plugins (1.14.0) the variable is the kernel version and the distribution.

I have no idea how to progress this to get things working on Fedora Rawhide.

PS I have a remote user trying things on Arch and OpenSUSE.
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