gstwaylandsink with video overlay on a Qt widget

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gstwaylandsink with video overlay on a Qt widget


I'm trying to output video from a gstreamer pipeline with a waylandsink to a Qt widget.  I understand that I can obtain the wayland display information with code such as:

QPlatformNativeInterface *native = QGuiApplication::platformNativeInterface();
struct wl_display* wl_dpy = (struct wl_display*) native->nativeResourceForWindow("display", NULL);
struct wl_surface* surface = static_cast<struct wl_surface *>(native->nativeResourceForWindow("surface", widget.window()->windowHandle()));

but how is this information relayed to the pipeline's waylandsink?  The plugin information mentions that it can take information in via GstContext, but is this a display context?  A surface context?