gstreamer on Jetson TX2 accelerated encoding

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gstreamer on Jetson TX2 accelerated encoding

Hi there,

I'm trying to convert H264 encoding from command line to H264 encoding using

My command line encoding is:

Now, this pipeline works well but I want to work with opencv since i'm
working with the frame before I send it.

In opencv I receive the frame using:

I have to use "format=(string)UYVY" or "format=(string)YV12" because it's
the only way I can receive an image from my frame grabber (AverMedia C351)

Then, I send the picture using:

With this pipeline every once in a while in the decoder side the picture got
stuck for a few seconds and after that it returns, with the command line
pipeline it's works well, what is the difference?

The decoder side is the same for both methods and I get the same issues with
VLC encoding and with gstreamer using:

Can really use your help for understanding the difference.
Thanks ,Gal.

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