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gstreamer applications on VNC

Bhattiprolu RaviKumar
  I am new to gstreamer. I have a machine with i7-8656u with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and it is inside a lab with no monitor. So, I am running VNC (vnc4server) to connect to it. I am trying to run gstreamer video analytics example from on this machine. I have followed all the steps and installed all the dependencies. When I try to run first sample,  It fails at xvimagesink. So, when I do "xvinfo" I get:
X-Video Extension version 2.2
screen #0
 no adaptors present

I guess this is because VNC uses virtual display. To test this I do:
gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! videoconvert ! autovideosink

It shows test video and works fine. When I setup required environmental variables for GVA, the same command crashes. Further debug shows, the environment variable GST_VAAPI_ALL_DRIVERS is making difference. When it is unset, autovideosink seem to pickup kmssink and when GST_VAAPI_ALL_DRIVERS is set, it seems to pickup vaapisink and that is causing crash.

I am not sure how to proceed further. If anyone is successful in running GVA samples successfully on VNC session, please let me know who it was done?

Any pointers to get over this will help me progress.

thanks and regards,

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