gstappsink EOS after a seek event

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gstappsink EOS after a seek event

Hello, i'm using appsink to process decode frames and inject them into
another pipeline using appsrc.
Decode pipeline: filesrc location=xxx ! decodebin ! appsink name=sink
Visualization pipeline: appsrc name=source ! video/x-raw, format=RGB16,
width=1920, height=1080, framerate=(fraction)1/1 ! imxg2dvideosink

I keep the decode pipeline in paused state and set it to playing when frames
needed. During the pause i send seek event:

GstEvent* seek_event = gst_event_new_seek(1.0, GST_FORMAT_TIME,
                GST_SEEK_TYPE_SET, seekNs, GST_SEEK_TYPE_NONE,

gst_element_send_event(gpipeline, seek_event)

Even though the seek point is far from the end of video and
gst_element_send_event returns true, frequently i get an EOS immediatelly
after setting the pipeline to playing.

Can anyone point me to what could be wrong here.
Please note that when this problem doesn't happen the sequence PAUSE - SEEK
- PLAY works fine.

Thank you

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