gst-rtsp-server should not port in internal media hash_table

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gst-rtsp-server should not port in internal media hash_table

Maurizio Galimberti


Hi all


We have an issue with gst-rtsp-server used with 2 parallel clients requesting two stream/connections to pipeline

first client requires RTP_TCP stream  for example on 4444 server port

second client requires an RTSP_over_HTTP stream on the same 4444 server port


RtspServer pipeline is set in "shared" mode so second client should use always the unique instance of pipeline


What happens is that, when receiving first RTP_TCP connection all is ok because the url supplied is of the form


and like shown above this url has "port" explicitly declared


When receiving second RTSP_over_HTTP connection,  the HTTP handshaking part is ok, but when start the tunnel

part in RTSP our url has not port declared in it because it is not necessary, like you see below


so port is not necessary because it has already been specified in the HTTP part of tunnel

At this point rtspServer internally decide to start a new rtsp-media with a new pipeline, and this is a big problem for our aims.


If we go to the source code we see that the second media/pipeline is started because in this source file




there is the following code and in "default_gen_key()"  function reported below ... you can see that "port" is used to

create key used in media hashTable, ....


So the question is: why is present "port" in default_gen_key() method ?

Could it be better to remove "port" from default_gen_key() method ?


The removal is because port was already read and used by rtspServer


Let’s know




            1218   /* convert the url to a key for the hashtable. NULL return or a NULL function

            1219    * will not cache anything for this factory. */

            1220   if (klass->gen_key)

            1221     key = klass->gen_key (factory, url);    // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

            1222   else

            1223     key = NULL;


            1225   g_mutex_lock (&priv->medias_lock);

            1226   if (key) {

            1227     /* we have a key, see if we find a cached media */

            1228     media = g_hash_table_lookup (priv->medias, key);   // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

            1229     if (media)

            1230       g_object_ref (media);

            1231   } else

            1232     media = NULL;




            static gchar *

            default_gen_key (GstRTSPMediaFactory * factory, const GstRTSPUrl * url)


              gchar *result;

              const gchar *pre_query;

              const gchar *query;

              guint16 port;


              pre_query = url->query ? "?" : "";

              query = url->query ? url->query : "";


              gst_rtsp_url_get_port (url, &port);


              result = g_strdup_printf ("%u%s%s%s", port, url->abspath, pre_query, query); // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


              return result;



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