gst-rtsp-server gst_rtsp_client_close() core dumped

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gst-rtsp-server gst_rtsp_client_close() core dumped

Rickard Hammar


I have been trying to build a RTSP server using gst-rtsp-server. I now want to be able to close an active connection from the server side. However, if I call gst_rtsp_client_close() I get some undefined behaviors.

Most of the time I can see a debug log: 

GLib-CRITICAL **: g_main_context_unref: assertion 'g_atomic_int_get (&context->ref_count) > 0' failed
and the application becomes unresponsive.
Some times I get a coredump when the client tries to reconnect.

I have modified the test-uri example to trigger the issue:

It will setup the rtsp server to accept a connection and then call gst_rtsp_client_close() after 2 seconds.



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