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file uri not always working

marc lievens-2

Some file uri’s give a warning and pipeline doesn't start playing.

The warning  is that the uri is not valid, but these can be played in vlc.

When using  playbin or gst_element_make_from_uri in a pipeline works fine on specified uri's




When using playbin or gst_element_make_from_uri on specified uri  doesn’t work on gstreamer  but work on VLC

file://$/file.mkv    // localhost system

file://  // other system

file://2003-srv/data/file.mkv  // other system

On the otherhand call gst_uri_is_valid gives no error on used file uri's.

used gstreamer is 1.12.3


Is gstreamer not supporting file uri’s to other systems or local ip addres or am I doing something wrong here.


Any help is welkom.



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