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ffmpeg warnings on windows


I installed ffmpeg plugin from windows binaries from gstreamer website.
Then I execute :
gst-inspect-0.10 ffenc_mpeg4   and I got WARNINGS like:
WARNING get decoder wavpack. And about ten like this.

In windows binaires of gstreamer-plugin-good, there is no libgstwavpack.dll
So I donwload gstreamer-plugin-good sources 0.10.6 and then I compiled
libgstwavpack with some difficulties but I finally succeed.
Then I run gst-inspect-0.10 then gst-inspect-0.10 wavpack and this new
plugin works fine. I can link it and use it.

Then I re run gst-inspect-0.10 ffenc_mpeg4 and I go again"WARNING get
decoder wavpack"
( I got the same warnings with all other encoder or decoder)

So what am I wrong ? What could I try next ?



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