debuging androidmedia jpeg decoder in gst-remote-launch

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debuging androidmedia jpeg decoder in gst-remote-launch

I'm trying to use hardware jpeg decoder on my amlogic s912 device using androidmedia plugin in gstreamer.
I'm using gst-launch-remote, and I could send a pipeline like this :
filesrc location=/mnt/sdcard/Movies/ ! qtdemux ! jpegparse ! jpegdec ! glimagesink
also playing back H264 file using amcviddec-omxamlogicavcdecoderawesome plugin was fine.
once I replaced jpegdec with amcviddec-omxamlogicmjpegdecoderawesome I was getting error about that it can not connect qtdemux to it and after looking at logs I figured out this decoder(also other jpeg decoders in some Android devices like RK3288) support video/mjpeg mime type which is not supported in gstreamer.
after that I added some extra code in gstamc.c to change this mime type to image/jpeg and compiled the gstreamer SDK.
So after that I'm not getting connecting element error but once I ask to play I get internal stream error from qtdemux, so I assume still something else is going wrong in caps negotiation or somewhere else.

1. How can I get all debugging outputs of an individual element while running gst-remote-launch(I did try setting GST_DEBUG envirounment in JNI_OnLoad and it did not work)

2. Is there any better known way to use Jpeg hardware decoder in android using gstreamer

3. I should mention using runtime commands like gst-inspect or launch from shell in android is not possible for me as it can not load androidmedia plugin due to some Java machine environment that it needs, If there is a way to make androidmedia work from command line that also would help