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confusing about rtsp-server

hi all,
In my application, gst-rtps-server is used like this pipeline:

[               my pipeline                                               ]                                  
[gst-rtsp-server pipeline...    ]*

I run the pipeline and view with vlc, it's ok.

But if I firstly link* [queue->decodebin->autovideosink]* with tee and run
the pipeline, then link the rtsp-server pipeline with tee dynamically.
When I view with vlc this time, the video in autovideosink becomes blocked
and I have to wait for 10-30s to see the video in vlc.
After I closed vlc, autovideosink plays normally again.

I add a probe on the pad of rtspsrc to test if there's stream in pipeline.
When starting viewing with vlc, the stream is blocked.
Does anybody has ideas about it? How to link rtsp-server in a running

I use gstreamer 1.14.0.

Thanks & Regards

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