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appsrc with high bitrate - latency

Eloi Bail

I am using appsrc to receive 4 RTP streams with high bitrate (1.52 gbps each).
Each stream is demuxed, converted (pixel format), down-scaled, mixed and displayed

At the moment, most of the operation is done on CPU except the videosink with glimagesink.
I plan to use as well glvideomixer.

With 4 streams, I have to set sync=false. My streams are displayed correctly but are not synced together. Otherwise, packets are dropped in videosink because they are too late.

My packets are timestamped with appsrc (do-timestamp = true) and continuously pushed.
Each queue is read as fast as it can with around 3000 packets per queue (around 3 frames).

I tried to compensate the latency setting the min-latency to 100 ms (3 frames of 33 ms).

Is it the right method ?
Do you know a way to measure the added latency in each element of the pipeline, so that I could put an accurate latency value.


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