Video-Subtitle Disable at he same time

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Video-Subtitle Disable at he same time


   I have the below pipeline:

                                                 |-- Audio MultiQueue --
Audio InputSelector -- AudioPar/Dec/Filters -- AudioSink
  Source -- Typefind -- Demuxer --|-- Video MultiQueue -- Video
InputSelector -- VideoPar/Dec/Filters -- Overlay --VideoSink
                                                 |-- Sub MultiQueue -- Sub
InputSelector -- SubQueue-- SubParser-- Text_sink of Overlay

Basic Idea is that I want to disable video when requested.
The issue is I can install a pad probe at Video Inp Sel.
Since overlay element is common to video and subtitle part of the pipeline,
I have to disable subtitle also.

Keeping system performance in consideration, I have planned to remove all
the elements after Video and Subtitle Input Selectors and connect video and
subtitle fakesink after video and subtitle input-selectors src pads (with
sync = TRUE ^_^).

But the issue is that when I install a Idle pad probe at Vid and Sub Inp Sel
src pads, sometimes what I see is that audio comes fore few seconds and then
playback hangs.
When observed from the logs video fakesink receives only one buffer and
subtitle fakesink doesn't receive any buffer.

Also sometimes it takes around 5-10 seconds for subtitle disable probe
callback to occur.
I want to disable subtitle first and then video.

I have also tried installing pad-probe at Overlay's src pad and adding a
single fakesink when disabled video---But that too didn't work.

Some guidance will be appreciated

Thanks in Advance

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