Using GLColorconvert vs VideoConvert

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Using GLColorconvert vs VideoConvert

I'm trying to understand how to best optimize my streams for encoding using
the nvcodec, and I noticed it can compress raw video from GLMemory.

So I am just trying to understand the benefits of uploading the raw video to

I was originally converting BGRA to I420 using simply the videoconvert
plugin, but am now wondering if glcolorconvert is better.

I don't exactly understand how GLMemory works, what I am currently doing is
using DXGI to capture frames from the GPU, and was thinking that it becomes
inefficient to then copy these frames onto the CPU and then encode, so am
curious if uploading to GLMemory is better.

In terms of what I am optimizing for, it is low latency, low bitrate with as
high quality as possible. How would GLMemory relate to these?

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