Storing video over RTSP to disk. Please, help to determine plans.

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Storing video over RTSP to disk. Please, help to determine plans.

Hi all.
I am going to develop an application, receiving video data through RTSP and storing it to disk.

I would like to define if the GStreamer is a right choise and the best way to get started.

Possible codecs would be MPEG-2 and MJPEG.

Unfortunately I was unable to find any mentions about MJPEG.

Another issue.


  gst-launch rtspsrc location="rtsp:// blah-blah-blah" debug=true protocols=udp-unicast ! fakesink

has shown that my RTSP server redirects clients to other URLs, and rtspsrc doesn't handle the server response 302 (Moved Temporarily) and returns the error.

I am not very familiar with GStreamer internals.

Could the situation with server response be handled in my application?
Or, should I add the code to the respective plugin?
Where should I look for MJpeg support?

I would like to quickly start writing the application.

GStreamer is rather well documented and its thread-safety is appealing.
I considered FFmpeg, it is much less documented and not thread-safe.

Could you also be so kind to provide me with some code snippets, showing how to handle the RTSP stream, extract MPEG2TS data from it and extract video data from them?

Thank you very much in advance.