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Status update on GIT conversions

Edward Hervey
Hi everybody,

  It's the time of the month for a GIT conversion update.

  Thanks to a lot of feedback, the git conversion scripts, test
repositories and wiki-page have been massively updated. Mainly:

  * repositories are now usable through http
  * converted commit messages are cleaner
  * incoherent release tagging is fixed
  * git submodule usage is now invisible due to fix
  * plugin-move is documented
  * git-submodule 'common' usage is documented

  What remains to be done:
  * Deciding what to do regarding the ChangeLog/commit policy
  * Writing a pre-receive hook server-side to stop :
   * People committing wrongly-indented code
   * People commiting 'common' submodule revision changes that don't
exist in the common repository.
  * more people testing the repositories :)

  All the information/discussion/links are available on this wiki page :


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