Specifying a different context for gst_bus_add_watch()

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Specifying a different context for gst_bus_add_watch()

Karthik V-3
Hello All,

I would like to run my g_main_loop in a separate context, so did something like this

GMainContext *c = g_main_context_new();
GMainLoop *l = g_main_loop_new(c, false);

My bus watch code goes like this:
GstBus *bus = gst_pipeline_get_bus(pipe);
gst_bus_add_watch(bus, BusHandler, NULL);

If I run my main loop in the default context (by passing NULL), I receive call backs when there is an event on the bus. But after I moved it to a new context, I don't get the events anymore. Looking into the documentation, it looks like gst_bus_add_watch() adds watch only to the default context. 

Could someone tell me how to add watch to my own context, please?


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