Released GStreamer Inspector 0.4

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Released GStreamer Inspector 0.4

René Stadler
Hey hackers!

There is a new release of GStreamer Inspector, the introspection data
viewer.  This is mostly a bugfix release.

Tarball download:

Git repository:


New in this version:
  - Correctly show default property values for elements that override the
    default at instantiation time (like fakesink::sync).  This is equivalent to
    the so called 'current' value displayed by the gst-inspect command.

  - Fix trailing semicolon characters being appended to shown caps values.  This
    was caused by changes in newer versions of GStreamer.

  - Add Tango-style application icon; artwork provided by Andreas Nilsson.
    Special thanks to Stefan Kost for requesting this from the Tango project.

  - Add the classification field as a column to the main view.  Feature
    suggested by Marc-Andre Lureau.

  - Add context menu to the pads/properties tabs, providing expand/collapse-all
    feature for the treeviews.  Feature suggested by Stefan Kost.

  - Other miscellaneous improvements to the user interface.

  - Fix debug logging (-l option) being enabled by default with newer Python
    versions.  This was actually a bug in my code, a bugfix in Python made it

Happy hacking,
   René Stadler

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