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Bin Zhu
Hi Jan,

Thank you very much for the example. It works in safari, I just figured I have to click "play" button to start the streaming, the "autoplay" attribute in "video" tag doesn't seem to work...

Looks like there's not much change in the SDP when H.264 is used, should it include some more attributes like "profile-level-id" etc.?


On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 10:36 AM, Jan wrote:
On 22/06/18 02:07, Bin Zhu wrote:
> Hello,
> Is H264 encoding supported in webrtcbin? if it's supported, is there
> any example code to create the pipeline? 
I put an example of streaming H264 from a raspberry pi camera into the
rpicamsrc examples recently:

It works OK with safari and chrome in my testing, but can be hit and
miss with firefox depending on the version


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