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Carlos Hernández
Hi All:

I've been trying to figure out how to set certain properties on a v4l
device using v4lsrc or v4l2src source, with limited success.

One of the difficulties was to understand what can really go on the
caps definition. for many purposes, using 'video/x-raw-rgb width=320
height=220' or the like works, but I wonder if other parameters can go
on the caps description as well, e.g. 'frequency=1 channel=0'.

My other question is how to learn what the differences between v4lsrc
and v4l2src are. I have read cheese's source code that seems to to a
good job of setting up the v4l sources and v4l2src is used there, but
couldn't get pass that code snippet.

Last but not least, IRC channel responses are great, thanks for
bearing with us newcomers.


Carlos J. Hernandez

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