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Nicolas Dufresne-5
Le mardi 21 février 2017 à 00:49 -0800, [hidden email] a écrit :
> Hi nicolas,
> Hope you are doing fine. I just started with gstremer. i find it
> little different/new field. Could you pls share few references from
> where i can learn about this field(except tutorial on official
> website). this may look lame question's for you but i am not able to
> make out these things.. how do i get to know which plugin to use
> after certain plugin.. these may be basic question in media thing but
> from where i can understand it more conceptually. it will be great
> help

We recently got a nice contribution in term of documentation. There is
a nice documentation page with integrated search functionality at:

In there, you will find the Application Developer guide, which explains
a lot about GStreamer, the design, the historical inspiration etc. I
believe that reading the part about the Foundation would be great
enlightment for you.

We don't have a chapter specifically on media formats and how they work
though. I read few paragraph of this page, and it was pretty much what
I was expecting, explaining the difference between a container, a
CODEC, what a media player is doing, etc.

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