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Re: Cerbero 1.12.4 Problem with paths inside *.deb files

Matthew Thyer

David Ing tried building and packaging GStreamer using cerbero v1.12.4 which is before it was ported to Python 3.

His experience is documented in the message:

David found that the paths in the packages were not under the /usr/local prefix as is expected but were instead the paths that we used during the build.

This indicates a problem with the packaging phase (this is the “generic packager for distro debian”).

I’ve reproduced David’s scenario using a clean ubuntu:xenial docker container and get similar results in that the Debian packages produced install under /root/git/cerbero instead of /usr/local.


Is anyone aware of the root cause of this problem?

Are the packages actually being built for the /usr/local prexfix?

If not, how does one tell cerbero what prefix to build for?

Does cerbero have any packagers that do work?


I’ve kept my docker containers and can explore them further if people have suggestions.


Matthew Thyer



Matthew Thyer

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