RTSPSrc. Please help me understand what's happening.

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RTSPSrc. Please help me understand what's happening.

I am developing a universal media player, capable also to play RTSP streams.
My player uses playbin2.
The player has connected to the server, and the server streams a media to it.
Wireshark shows incoming RTP packets. They constitute a valid mpeg2 transport stream.
rtspsrc also exchanges messages with the server (request GET_PARAMETER, response - OK)

However, I don't see any pictures and cannot hear a sound in my headphones.

The dot file with the pipeline shows that playbin2 has created decodebin2 instance.
It has found that incoming data have two elementary streams with the capabilities audio/mpeg, mpegversion: 2 and video/mpeg, mpegversion: 2
It has also created mpeg2dec instance and connected its src pad with the proxy pad.
Audio data processing has stopped on creation ofthe  mpegaudioparse instance.
And that's all.

The pipeline is the following: (22kb), produced png: (450kb)