RTSP Seek/Trick play issue

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RTSP Seek/Trick play issue

I was implementing audio streaming server that should able to stream audio
file like aac/mp3/mp4 to client by using gstreamer-rtsp-server.

My pipeline looks like follows:

*RTSP server*
$ ./test-launch "( -v filesrc location=file.mp3 ! decodebin ! audioconvert !
avenc_aac ! rtpmp4apay name=pay0 pt=96 )"

*RTCP client:*
Totem Movie  player.

Gstreamer  : 1.17.0
Gstreamer RTSP Server: 1.8.3
Totem : 3.26.0

Now playback seems to be working fine except SEEK operation doesn't work.
I’m not able to see seek bar on RTSP client player(Totem).

I also tried to play the same rtsp stream on VLC, mplayer... but the seek
bar seems to be unavailable there too.

To debug we analyse pcap report and found that The RTSP server SDP “a=range”
attribute doesn’t providing total time range of the stored session. The seek
operation is totally depend on “a=range” attribute. Please correct me if I’m

Is there any issue in my gst pipeline. We not able to figure out issue in
RTSP server/client.

Thanks in advance!

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