RFC: MIDI's MIME types

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RFC: MIDI's MIME types

Anton Novikov
Hi everyone,
I plan to write a MIDI sequencer/editor and would like to use GStreamer for
separate rendering of each track via wildmidi/timidity/fluidsynth/whatever
and mixing it up with audiomixer plugin. (It is crucial that tracks have
separate channel namespaces, it will be a certain extension of SMF,
if more precisely -- for microtonal tunings support).

What we/you have now is wildmididec which consumes audio/midi, which
currently stands for SMF file data.
I propose to break that up to Standard Midi File (and RIFF) parser (of .mid
being mapped to something like application/smf) and renderer
of resulting audio/midi streams containing raw track data (division number being
specified in renderer's variable parameter).

Or I could just abandon audio/midi and use something like audio/x-raw-midi in
a newly written timidity/fluidsynth renderer, to not mess up with wildmididec.
What do you think?


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