RELEASE: GStreamer Rust bindings 0.8.0

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RELEASE: GStreamer Rust bindings 0.8.0

Sebastian Dröge-3
A new version of the GStreamer Rust bindings, 0.8.0, was released.

This is a complete rewrite from the previous bindings, much more
complete and mostly autogenerated from gobject-introspection metadata.

The bindings currently cover most of GStreamer core, and the app and
player library, and the most important parts of the audio and video

You can find some background about that release in my blog posts:

The GIT repository of the bindings, including various examples, can be
found here:

The release itself can be found on

Documentation is available from here:

The documentation is currently still a bit suboptimal due to various
rustdoc and Rust/GObject-Introspection tooling issues

Please report any bugs or missing features on GitHub:

Sebastian Dröge, Centricular Ltd ·

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