RELEASE: GStreamer Rust bindings 0.10.0 / gst-plugin 0.1.0

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RELEASE: GStreamer Rust bindings 0.10.0 / gst-plugin 0.1.0

Sebastian Dröge-3
A new version of the GStreamer Rust bindings, 0.10.0, was released. And
a first version of the infrastructure for writing GStreamer plugins in
Rust: gst-plugin 0.1.0.

This bindings release features many API improvements, cleanups and a
lot of newly added features and newly bound API. I expect very few API
changes to happen in the future and mostly missing API to be added.
It's more or less a "1.0" release at this point.

For gst-plugin, the plugin writing infrastructure, this is the very
first release. While it seems more or less feature complete at this
point (except for bindings for various base classes), the API might
still change. It is however mature enough to write all kinds of
plugins, and maybe people can consider it for their next GStreamer
plugin instead of doing it in C.

Base classes covered at this point are: Element, Bin, Pipeline,
BaseSrc, BaseTransform and BaseSink.

The changelog can be found here
and an overview of the most important changes here

As usual, the code and various examples are available from
the GIT repositories at
and from

Documentation is available here

Please report any bugs or missing features on GitHub

Sebastian Dröge, Centricular Ltd ·

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