Processing RTCP Receiver reports on a GstRTSPServer

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Processing RTCP Receiver reports on a GstRTSPServer


I am developing a GStreamer live-streaming application which adaptively
changes the resolution and bitrate of an H.264 encoded video feed from
the server according to bandwidth estimates and QoS reports from the
receiver. I've made a working example of it using rtpbin and udpsink
with callbacks to extract the loss rate and jitter from the incoming
RTCP packets. This was done by invoking a callback on buffers received
from an identity element from a udpsrc receiving the RTCP receiver
report packets. This was also used for getting the bandwidth estimates I

I now plan to use a similar approach for creating an RTSP server serving
adaptive video streams.

How can I extract these RTCP receiver report packets for each
GstRTSPClient created by the GstRTSPServer? Is there a signal to which I
can attach a callback for this?

Arnav Dhamija

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