Parse mp4 header and write tags(metadata) again

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Parse mp4 header and write tags(metadata) again

Deep Patel
Hi all,

Regarding mp4 file concerns here...

*Here is my question:*
 How to *parse meta information from mp4* stream
and after some modification in raw frame data
again *write meta information to stream* and get modified mp4 file.

This pipeline i tried here  :
( I'm not getting any metadata after encryption )
GST_PLUGIN_PATH=./src/.libs/ gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location="1.264" !
h264parse ! crypto mode=enc ! mp4mux name=m faststart=true ! filesink
location="output_enc.mp4" filesrc location="1.aac" ! aacparse ! crypto
mode=enc ! m.

and in C code,
read tags example is given but for writing tags not sufficient information
is given to freedesktop tutorial.

*Here parsing of mp4 "metadata" is very necessary.*

So can anyone is here to provide solution...?
*C code or pipeline solution.*

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